Relax and Reconnect with our Bespoke Couples Massage

Couples massage has positive benefits for your relationship including:

  • trying something new
  • enjoy a little quality time
  • re-connection
  • lower stress and anxiety
  • more feelings of affection
  • it encourages intimacy
  • it’s a bonding experience.

Couples massage allows each partner to experience peace and tranquility in the presence of the other. This state of deep relaxation allows for the possibility of emotional reconnection and letting go of any defenses that may have built up. When partners feel less stressed and anxious and more connected, they are more able to be with each other in quiet reflective space without feeling anxious. This creates a space for deeper understanding of their needs and willingness to communicate openly, honestly and in a caring way.

For more on the benefits of couple massage see an article from popsugar here.

Take some dedicated time out to relax and reconnect at a deep energetic level. Combining the power of essential oils with massage techniques designed to realign the subtle energies brings synchronicity and a deep feeling of reconnection.

Read more about the stress relieving properties of essentials oils here.

Whether you are looking for deep relaxation or tension release, your therapists will customise aromatherapy blends and the massage techniques to align with your body.

1 hour $99 (per person)  

1 ½ hours $149 (per person)