Essential Oils Composed

Perhaps one of the most profound yet difficult acts of Self-Love is forgiveness.

Part of the difficulty is that whilst the heart might desperately want relief from the pain associated with hurt and betrayal, the rational mind is deeply offended by the notion of letting it go.

You can’t will forgiveness but you can be willing.

The gain for your work with forgiveness is to free your heart and experience joy.

Failure to know joy is a direct reflection of your inability to forgive.

It is helpful to acknowledge that forgiving does not mean approving, nor does it mean being passive. Wise discrimination is needed to set healthy boundaries. Forgiving is a way to release your own heart from suffering.

Essential oils used with the conscious breath and essential oil reflections are perfect companions for the forgiveness journey. Bypassing the rational mind, this process soothes emotions and gently softens the heart, creating a shift in your perceptions and feelings towards the most challenging situations.

Brisbane Essential Oils

My essential oil blend to help you step into forgiveness is 1 drop Black Pepper, 2 drops Palmarosa, 1 drop Petitgrain, 1 drop Melissa and 1 drop juniper. I am accepting, compassionate, awakened, grateful and joyous.

The essence of Black pepper is Acceptance. Be accountable for your feelings, thoughts and actions, for your story around the situation, and the traits within yourself which cause separation. Let go of blame and judgement which is a natural reactive response when we are hurt. Black pepper helps us to be aware of the reactivity and to make a choice to respond with self-respect. Right or free? Victim or Master?

The essence of Palmarosa is Compassion, the source of all healing. Acknowledge your emotions, thoughts and actions and forgive yourself.  Look for the deeper meaning behind them. Explore the meaning of any betrayal with wisdom to move towards compassionate understanding of yourself and others.

The essence of Petitgrain is Awareness. Explore your deepest memories, what awareness of yourself can help you move towards a different way of being? Let these insights illuminate your path, what is the bigger purpose of the situation?

The essence of Melissa is Gratitude. Seek out the resentments which inhibit your joy for life, transmute them by reflecting on all you can be grateful for. Soften extreme emotions, ease resentments, gladden your heart with a daily ritual for gratefulness; breathe deeply the aroma of Melissa and give thanks for love and life, write a gratitude journal, light a candle, offer a prayer of thanks.

The essence of Juniper is Joy. Identify the habits, beliefs and behaviours which rob you of your joy. Change the way you react to hurts and respond with mindful compassion. Clear a space within your heart for a more expanded view, clear the congestion of blame and judgement, choose to act from your centre as you breathe the joy of juniper.

Be true to yourself.  If you are not yet in the space yet forgiveness of another, acknowledge this and accept where you are. You may be able to forgive yourself and stay open to the intention for forgiveness of another in time. Having the intention to open the door for forgiveness is the energy that brings more peace.

Forgiveness practices are more effective from a place of a softened heart, one that feels forgiveness or compassion for self and others and one that acknowledges the suffering in the need to be right or that of being the victim.

Forgiveness is a life path, it’s a process that we need to do over and over. Whatever we practise regularly becomes our default reaction. Be mindful of the natural reaction of the nervous system to morph hurt into blame and judgement. Choose instead to respond with compassion, to free your heart and be more open to the joy in your life.

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Yours in Living Well,