Typically January is a time when we reset intentions and goals, change habits and generally look at ways to move toward greater wellbeing in the coming year. Resets can help you:
  • clarify and express your purpose
  • change the way you relate to life and business to create auspicious results
  • increase personal and professional fulfillment.
We are now into the third week of January. Are you still taking regular inspired action on your intentions? If you are, well done! If you hit a snag in the coming weeks and months, you can hit the RESET button with aromatherapy. It will help you get back on track. Some of the reasons we get off track can be:
  • the intentions may have been too ambitious
  • maybe your heart wasn’t really in it
  • perhaps you simply don’t have all the support tools needed to sustain inspired action.
Take some time to still your mind, check in with yourself and reset heart centred intentions. Three questions you can ask to give insight include:
  • Where I am getting the most pressure in my life? This is your greatest growth opportunity
  • What do I choose to experience more and less of this year?
  • What do I want to serve and contribute to, that most matters to me this year?

Aromatherapy to Help Action meet Intentions

When Action is not meeting Intention you may feel frustrated, drained, confused, agitated and overwhelmed with your lack of progress. You can reset with Aromatherapy. Take time out for self-care; consciously relax and reconnect with your wiser rational self. Use the following self-care technique combined with the aroma of an essential oil diffuser or perfume blend and/or reset with an aromatherapy massage.
Essential oils
Breathe and Affirm “I make time for quiet reflection, trust the guidance of my intuition, align my intention and energy, direct my creative energy into action and live my dreams.” 1.Listen to your intuition Think of your bigger dream, the goals and inspired intentions you have set for yourself for the year, the quarter, the month, the week and this day. Take slow deep breaths and listen to your intuition, what inspiring idea or intention comes to mind that needs your action? 2. Clear limiting beliefs You have an inspired idea. Now, are you thinking of every reason why it won’t work? Cancel, clear and delete those thoughts. Affirm, “I protect my manifestations from my own fears and unknowing.” 3. Align your energy with your intentions Gather up your energy, draw on the feelings of excitement you have for your intention, create a plan of action, visualise success, use your senses to embody the feelings of success. What will your day be like, how will it look, taste, feel, what will you be hearing when your amzing intention is realised? 4. Direct creative inspiration into action and live your dreams! If you find it challenging to achieve the deep state of relaxation that benefits clear and rational thought, problem solving, decision making, discernment, empathy and compassion, I can get you there with regular Aromatherapy massage. Check out the cultivate calm 4 x 1 hour massage package deal, where you only pay for 3. Yours in Living Well, Kim