Sacral Chakra

Dear Beautiful Busy Woman,

How often today, when the pressure is on, have you beat yourself up with thoughts of “not good enough”, “I should be doing so much better”, “what’s wrong with me?” or got caught in the blame game, “I’m bad”, “s/he’s bad”.

You are not alone and it’s definitely not your fault!

Feelings of overwhelm, fatigue, being unable to cope, difficulty thinking and/or making decisions, feeling that things go wrong frequently, and the physical effects; headaches, indigestion, PMS, tight chest and throat, heart palpitations to name a few, are all symptoms that your nervous system is in overload.

The truth is, stressful situations fuel miscommunication both within your brain and within your body, resulting in these distress signals.

The great news is you can reopen the channels of communication between the different systems of the body and restore balance to build resilience to stress in 5 easy steps.

5 Steps to Beat Stress

Living Well Essentials
  1. Select a stress relieving essential oil blend; stress releasing blends will often include lavender, bergamot, mandarin, neroli, geranium, rose, ylang, ylang essential oils.
  2. Just breathe; the style of breath that relaxes the nervous system is a slow, deep inhale for 6 counts and a long, slow exhale for six counts. There is no pause in between each breath, just a smooth continuous cycle. Enjoy the aroma of your stress releasing blend.
  3. Focus on where you feel the stress in your body; draw your attention to any painful or tight areas of your body and on your exhales try to soften these areas.
  4. Be compassionate and acknowledge your suffering; compassion and acknowledgement soften your response to stress; tell yourself “it’s ok,” “acknowledge what hurts” and that “you care deeply “, say “forgiven”. Other statements that are useful in shifting you away from highly charged feelings to a more calm and centred space are “may I be peaceful”, “may I be safe,” “may I be loved”.
  5. Hold stress release acupressure points; gently place your palm flat across your forehead. Use light pressure so that you can feel the pulse underneath the skin and continue breathing for a few minutes. To signify the end of the process you should feel your pulse synchronising under your fingers. Perhaps there’s a lighter feeling in your heart, more space for focus, clarity and a broader perspective.

Calming the nervous system in this way is like building muscle in resistance training. The more you practise these techniques the more resilient you will be to stressors in your work and family life, the kinder you will be to yourself and others and you will gain more energy and vitality without the overwhelm.

For more information about using essential oils in stress release, read my blog on the Art of Self-Care here or attend my upcoming workshop, details here.

Yours in Living Well,