Kim Ellis, Integrative Aromatherapist; Inspiring Vibrant Health

Hello, I’m Kim Ellis,  an Aroma Alchemist, supporting busy Brisbane women who want vibrant health to thrive in life without the overwhelm.

My passion is inspiring Healthy Vibrant Living through conscious and compassionate care.

Welcome to Living Well Essentials – Aromatherapy and Massage Brisbane.  If you’re looking for inspired healthy living, you’ve come to the right Natural Health Practitioner.

I believe vibrant health, starts with giving yourself permission to prioritise your own self-care. As a heart centred woman, I know you feel deeply your responsibilities to so many in your circle; your children, your partner, your parent(s), your job or business. It can be exhausting!

At some point thankfully, you can embody the truth that you can’t give from an empty cup, make some empowering wellbeing choices and align with true balance in your life.

If this is you, I invite you to give me a call and let me share my treatments and knowledge of Women’s Health, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Massage and Self-care.

Thrive with freedom from emotional, mental and physical stress and tension and begin your Healthy Vibrant Living journey!

Yours in Living Well,,


My Story – Kim Ellis

I’m a natural health practitioner and founder of Living Well Essentials Aromatherapy and Massage Brisbane. I started the clinic in 2014 to pursue my passion for Women’s health, wellbeing, massage and essential oils.

I’ve always loved aromatic plants and herbs since childhood, where I spent a lot of time “just being” in my grandmother’s garden.

After spending so much time with aromatic plants, I realise it’s been a powerful way to reconnect with the sweetness of life, to reduce stress and improve well being for generations of women in my family.

In my early 20’s, I was introduced to essential oils by a passionate gardener and herbalist Mary. The smell of lavender essential oil took me straight back to my grandmother’s home and the feelings of nurture, nourishment and wellbeing I got from “just being” with her. This was an awesome reminder of the amazing therapeutic value of aroma in transporting us to a healthier emotional state.

During the next twenty years, I got very busy being a wife, mum and business owner and didn’t take time out to nurture and nourish myself. My sense of who I was and to some degree my self-worth was getting lost in the busyness of life and the pressure of being responsible for so many in my circle. I was strung out, fatigued, tired and angsty; I was just going through the motions. Life had lost its sweetness.

In 2012, I realised that you can’t give from an empty cup. I threw myself a lifeline and took myself off to Nature Care College to pursue my passion for aromatic plants through Aromatherapy. I now use essential oils every day, am reconnected with my heart, follow my passion and have purpose and direction in my life. I feel truly blessed to be back in flow, living with inspiration and vibrant health. Through the power of aromatherapy, I have reconnected to the sweetness of life.

What About Now?

As a certified Integrative Aromatherapist, I work with busy Brisbane women to help them achieve vibrant health with gentle natural therapies integrating essential oils and aromatherapy massage.

It’s about opening to your beautiful conscious heart, prioritising self-care as a necessity so that you can stay focused, maintain energy and vitality to avoid overwhelm and burnout.

I inspire and educate women to live from the heart with compassion and conscious self-care.

As an aromatherapy massage therapist, I help to relieve physical, mental and emotional stress and tension so that you have more energy, vitality, focus and clarity and feel more balance and harmony. A little bit of peace in your busy life, to give you the capacity to thrive rather than just survive.

As an integrative aromatherapist, I create bespoke (personalised) essential oil blends to meet your specific health and wellbeing challenges. Blends I create are based on a great knowledge of the chemistry and pharmacology of essential oils, essential oil safety, anatomy and pathology of disease coupled with the art of synergistic blending.

As a caring and compassionate practitioner, I offer you a safe haven in which to restore and rejuvenate.  I partner with you to create solutions that will change the way you view health care and inspire and empower you to take charge of your health. I teach you how to incorporate aroma therapeutic self-care techniques into your daily routine, to get results, so that you achieve vital health.

As a health leader and educator, I run regular health and wellbeing workshops to inspire and empowered you with techniques so that you can take the lead in your vibrant health journey.

For more information about how I can help you get on the path to vital health with Aromatherapy and Massage check out my “how can I help?” page, or call me on 0414 754 543.