Take charge of your schedule and plan some self-care to give you stress relief.

It’s a perfect time to detox and let go of that which is depleting you and impacting your health and wellbeing.

As a certified Clinical Aromatherapist, I will work with you to identify the most appropriate essential oils to meet your specific health and wellbeing challenges.

As you deeply recover your energy and vitality will increase.

Choose from one of our restorative aromatherapy massage wellbeing packages and improve your vital energy.

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Cultivate Calm Aromatherapy Massage Package

Relax your tried achy body and calm your busy mind.

Let me help your body-mind to respond mindfully and heart fully to stress so that you can move through overwhelm with ease and grace.

Aromatherapy massage works by relaxing the nervous system, effectively directing the:

  • body to switch off contraction in the muscles
  • mind to observe all thoughts and discern which ones to engage in
  • heart to embrace all feelings for the valuable messengers they are.

This helps us move through any healing crisis with ease and grace.

This 4 x 60 minute massage package is designed for use within 2 months. Regular treatments give your body-mind the best chance to rest, restore and re-balance for better wellbeing outcomes.

$320 paid on your first visit. Save $76

Aromatherapy Brisbane

Deep Peace

“May the moon and the stars pour their healing lights on you. Deep peace of a quiet earth to you” – Celtic Blessing

  • 60 min Aromatherapy massage
  • 60 min Aromatherapy facial

Appointment duration 2 hours, $200

Choice of Massage: Detox Support, Sleep Support, Emotional Stress Release, Stress and Tension Relief, Pain and Inflammation Relief.

Essential Oils Composed

Joyful Wellbeing

“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience” Emily Dickinson

  • 60 min Aromatherapy massage
  • 30 min Aromatherapy Facial.

Appointment duration 90 mins, $150

Relaxation Massage Brisbane

Restored Wellbeing

“Is it true that our destiny is to turn into light itself?” Hafiz

Recover your best you with a bespoke essential oil blend and 75 min Aromatherapy massage

Appointment duration 75 minutes, $120

Aromatherapy Massage Pamper Pack

“Is it true that our destiny is to turn into light itself?” Hafiz

Recover your best you with a wellbeing check and 75 min Aromatherapy massage X 5 appointments

Appointment duration 90 minutes each.

Get 5 appointments for the price of 4 save $120