Establish your Wellbeing Needs with a Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation

Are you stressed, fatigued, tired all the time, need more energy and vitality, want more focus and clarity? Are you looking for some gentle natural solutions to get back the sweetness in your life?

Want to be feeling relaxed, calm and collected as your “go to” state of being? Aromatherapy and essential oils are for you.

Feel beautifully supported in a Clinical Aromatherapy consultation.

It’s a partnership approach, together we will explore your current state of health and wellbeing; general lifestyle including diet, exercise, physical and emotional wellbeing. We will then work together to set wellbeing goals and develop a treatment plan that will support your healing process.

Relaxation Massage Brisbane

You will love my treatments because they gently connect you to your still point within and enhance your body’s ability to heal naturally. They work holistically, complimenting traditional treatments and lifestyle changes. I encourage you to be a proactive partner in supporting your wellbeing journey.

It’s about being empowered and inspired to step into that which brings you more energy, vitality and joy.

I will assist you with therapeutic treatments which will benefit your desire to live well. I will create personalised aromatherapy blends, using pure organic essential oils and use these in your treatment plan.

You will enjoy a diverse range of aromatherapy applications including; aromatherapy massage, aromatic baths, inhalation, environmental scenting using diffusers and aromatic spritzers, compresses, essential oils blended with vitamin rich skin salves and roll-on remedies.

Many of the treatments can be used in the comfort of your own home.

For more information call me, Kim, on 0414 754 543.

Essential Oils Composed

Did you know I create Bespoke Blends?

Extend the little bit of peace you experience in the Living Well Essentials Clinic. I can blend personalised synergies of essential oils for you to use at home.

Essential oils blended with carrier oils (vegetable oils extracted from nuts and seeds) and/or mineral crystals (ie. Himalayan salt, magnesium) make wonderful bath blends and/or foot scrubs. Melt away the stress and tension of your day as you restore your balance and feel rejuvenated.

The carrier oils have many and varied benefits for nurturing the skin; minerals can be readily absorbed restoring levels needed for healthy cells.

The essential oils provide benefits for relieving physical and emotional conditions. Just add to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes. Your tension and stress will melt away.

Don’t have time for a bath? Add your personalised blend to a foot bath of tepid water and gently roll your feet over smooth rocks.

Pure organic essential oils used in diffusion and room scenting provide many and varied physical, emotional and mental benefits.

Let me personally create a bespoke blend just for you and experience the delight of therapeutic fragrance.