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Confessions of an Aroma Alchemist

You may not know this about me, but six years ago I realised that you can’t give from an empty cup.  I threw myself a lifeline and reconnected with the sweetness of life. Want to know how? Read on….

It’s about connecting to your authentic self, spending time just being in the moment, opening to your beautiful conscious heart, reconnecting to that which inspires you and brings you joy, to focus on what’s truly important, and restore your vital energy.

I do this through my passion for Aromatherapy.

I’ve always loved flowering plants and herbs both for their visual beauty and aromatic delights. My grandmother loved her garden and when I visited we would always spend time together admiring blooms and enjoying the sweet fragrance of the flowers.

Sweet peas in spring with their pretty colours and delicate aroma evoke a sense of sweetness for life. Lavender, a sense of motherly care and nurture, citrus blossoms uplift and calm me.

In hindsight, I’ve come to realise that aromatic plants have been powerful “medicine” for generations of women in my family. 

Brisbane Aromatherapy & Massage

In my early 20’s, I was introduced to essential oils by my Aunty Mary. She is also a passionate gardener and herbalist. The smell of lavender essential oil took me straight back to my grandmother’s home and the feelings of nurture, nourishment and wellbeing I got from “just being” with her. This was an awesome reminder of the amazing therapeutic value of aroma in transporting us to a happier emotional state.

During the next 20 years, I got super busy being a wife, mum and business owner and didn’t take time out to nurture and nourish myself. My sense of who I was and to some degree my self-worth was slowly getting lost in the busyness of life and the pressure of being responsible for so many in my circle. I was strung out, fatigued, tired and angsty; I was just going through the motions. Life had lost its sweetness.

Six years ago, when I realised that you can’t give from an empty cup, I took myself off to Nature Care College to pursue my passion for aromatic plants through Aromatherapy. I now use essential oils every day, am reconnected with my heart, follow my passion and have purpose and direction in my life. I feel truly blessed to be back in flow, living with inspiration and vibrant health. Through the power of aromatherapy, I have reconnected to the sweetness of life.

Now I work with other busy women, to help them feel energetic and vibrant, manage their stress and avoid overwhelm with gentle natural therapies incorporating essential oils and massage. I provide them with self-care techniques so that they can live their best life and feel inspired to step towards the activities which bring them joy and healthy vibrant living. I inspire and educate women to live from the heart with compassion and conscious self-care.

I am also passionate about essential oil safety, so when you come to me for a treatment I will spend time talking to you about what other treatments your doctor or other natural therapists have prescribed as well as checking what medications or supplements you might be taking to ensure that the essential oils I use complement your treatment and do not interact with other interventions.

I massage from my clinic here in East Brisbane and I also run workshops and events to encourage and inspire busy woman to adopt self-care as a daily practice.

I’m a caring, compassionate and qualified practitioner, passionate about connecting you with your authentic self, providing you with an easy and pleasurable way to bring more nurture, self-care, energy and vitality.

Book an aromatherapy consultation or massage to see how you can use essential oils and aromatherapy to help you feel healthy and vibrant to live your best life.