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May the moon and the stars pour their healing lights on you. Deep peace of a quiet earth to you. Celtic Blessing

Using essential oils in your daily regime is an effective tool in a holistic approach to improving quality sleep together with eliminating poor daytime habits, establishing a consistent sleep routine and taking steps to improve your physical and mental landscape.

Of all the natural remedies for improved sleep, essential oils have received the most positive attention in clinical trials and studies. The active molecular compounds in essential oils interact directly with the nervous and endocrine systems promoting calm, pain relief, balance and strength to the mind, body and spirit.

The wonderful thing about essential oils is that they are so easy and such a pleasure to incorporate into a sleep time routine. They are aromatically pleasing and versatile. They can be used in room scenting, diffused in the bedroom, used in an aromatic bath, inhaled from a nasal inhaler or simply put on your pillow, incorporated into a restful massage, added to a body lotion or carrier oil for a chest/body rub.

Creating a soothing ritual incorporating aromatically beautiful blends works on many levels to help you release stress and tension before bedtime.

Take an Aromatic bath

Embrace some luxury and enjoy an afternoon foot bath to relieve tired, swollen aching feet and legs and give you a lift.

You’ve had a busy day, you are feeling tired and strung out but don’t have time for a full bath.  Just add an essential oil blend to a tepid foot bath to relieve tired feet, reduce swelling in ankles and legs and/ or relieve aching muscles. This will bring a sense of joy and serenity.

To relieve tired aching feet blend 1 drop of lavender, 1 drop of peppermint and 1 drop of cypress, in 6mls of raw organic coconut oil and ½ cup of magnesium bath flakes; add to tepid foot bath. Soak for ten minutes then massage feet and legs in an upward motion to bring calm, balance and restoration.

Essential Oils Composed

Essential oil safety tip

Never put undiluted essential oils directly onto skin because they are concentrated plant extracts and can cause sensitivity. Dilute drops of essential oils in cold pressed vegetable oil and then add to the water and swish well before lowering your feet into the footbath. Citrus oils such a bergamot can be photosensitising meaning treated skin has a greater risk of sunburn. If you are pregnant its best to enjoy the benefits of essential oils via diffusion unless you are under the care of a qualified clinical Aromatherapist.

Luxurious Aromatherapeutic Bath

An effective pain or stress relieving remedy is to take a full warm bath with essential oils and magnesium flakes for 20 minutes.

Essential oil safety tip

Fill the bath up first then add your essential oil and magnesium blend and swish well. Remember always dilute your essential oils in a carrier oil and bath salts as they can be sensitising to the skin if used undiluted. Be careful when getting out of the bath your feet could be slippery. Massage the blend into your tired, strung out body and you will feel relief.

A lovely essential oil blend for peaceful sleep is sweet orange, lavender, petitgrain, roman chamomile and sandalwood.
Lavender – supports sleep, reduces anxiety, calms and balances the nervous system
Sweet Orange – reduces anxiety, eases stress, and soothes the nervous system
Petitgrain – reduces nervous exhaustion, supports sleep, and stabilises the nervous system
Sandalwood – reduces anxiety, eases tension and relaxes the nervous system
Roman Chamomile – support sleeps, reduces anxiety, and calms the nervous system

Calming, balancing, soothing and stabilising the central nervous system evokes the relaxation response. Bonus, this blend is gentle enough to use with the whole family!

Diffuse in a room for twenty minutes prior to sleep or use as a room and linen spray. To diffuse place up to six drops in a diffuser and run in your room for 20 minutes prior to sleep.

For a room spray, add 20 drops of sweet orange, 5 drops of lavender, 5 drops of petitgrain, 5 drops of sandalwood and 5 drops of roman chamomile to 100 ml of distilled water and disperser in a PET spray bottle. Shake bottle well before lightly misting bed linen, curtains and room prior to going to sleep.

Incorporate these aromatherapeutic self-care techniques into your wind down routine and enjoy the deep peace of a quiet earth.

Yours in Living Well,