After the storm – A Blissful Blend for Energy and Vitality

I’m not sure about you, but I was feeling a little anxious and frazzled this morning. We had the tail end of Cyclone Debbie here in Brisbane and yesterday afternoon the whole city bunkered down to weather the storm.  After more rain in 24 hrs than we normally get in a month and strong winds, our city is in clean up mode today. Gladly the sun is shining but there is a lot of work still to be done.

When we are busy and strung out it is very easy to get overwhelmed and less productive. During these times it is important to take a few minutes each hour to recharge so that you can get to the end of your day without the burnout.

This morning I made a blissful essential oil blend designed to help you add more energy and vitality to your day. The great thing about using essential oils to help you recharge is that it takes very little time and the benefits happen whilst you are continuing with your work. I put six drops of this blend into a diffuser and had it running in the background for 1/2 an hour.

Essential oil safety tip, running your diffuser for two 1/2 hour periods per day is enough to gain the wellbeing benefits.

While you are going about your other activities make sure you are taking some gentle deep breathes to gain the revitalising benefits of the essential oils. I take slow deep gentle breaths in for the count of six and exhale slowly for the count of six and scan my body for any tension. When I locate any I try to soften into that area and relax, massaging the effected areas ie, shoulders, neck, lower back etc.

You can also incorporate the breath and hold emotional stress release points on your forehead and at the base of your skull. Just place one flat palm across your forehead and the other across the base of your skull at the top of the neck and gently hold and breath for a couple of minutes. Move your hands to your heart, repeat a couple of deep peaceful breaths and draw your attention to your own beautiful heart space. The aroma of the essential oils together with gentle soothing touch brings a sense of calm creating space for greater focus and clarity.

To make your own energy and vitality blend combine the following essential oils:

1 drop of Lime – when you are feeling agitated and dealing with stressful situations lime clears heated emotions and returns you to a place of ease and calm.

1 drop of Bergamot – bergamot is the oil of encouragement and helps to quell any anxious feelings. It uplifts the heart and brings a feeling of positivity.

1 drop of Ginger – when you have lost energy on a physical and emotional level ginger is the great balancer and restorer. It sustains and rebuilds.

1 drop of Lemon Myrtle – lemon myrtle lifts your mood and helps you reconnect with your inner resources and away from self-doubt. It helps you create the intention to be your own positive influence.

1 drop of Black Pepper – black pepper helps you accept things as they are, in the state of acceptance you can create space so that you can move forward and take the actions you need to improve your situation.

1 drop of Patchouli – when you are feeling fragmented by stressful situations, patchouli awakens a deep yearning for peace.

Aromatherapy is such a wonderful adjunct to your daily self-care activities. After gently breathing in this beautiful, soul pleasing blend, I feel calm, uplifted, sustained and energised to keep on keeping on in my day.

If you would like to experience first hand how to use essential oils to give you more energy and vitality, to beat stress and overwhelm and avoid burnout, join me for a free workshop event on 23rd May at my East Brisbane Clinic. I will show you how to use essential oils in easy self-care techniques, to improve energy and vitality. You will make your own essential oil blend and have a plan for how to incorporate this very gentle self-care art into your daily routine for improved health and wellbeing. Click here to go to my Facebook page, and join the event.

Yours in Living Well



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