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The Upside to Downtime – Energy Booster

“There is a distinct upside to downtime” – Arianna Huffington

The reduction in your energy levels cause you to be less productive as the day goes on.

Your energy levels are influenced by the choices you make during the day.

To be effective in increasing your productivity, creativity and wellbeing, be conscious of managing your energy instead of your time.

This requires a mindset shift for most people.

Consider taking as much care of yourself as you do your smart phone. When you are alerted to low energy take steps to recharge.

Downtime allows you to rejuvenate and recharge and manage your energy levels. Downtime is an energy booster.

This has clear benefits for increased productivity, creativity and wellbeing.

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Tony Schwartz has written that “human beings perform best and are more productive when they alternate between periods of intense focus and intermittent renewal.”

Apply the HIIT (high intensity interval training) concept to your work day. After a period of high intensity productivity, plan to take a short break to recharge and rejuvenate.

In this approach, when you are working, you have no distractions, so turn off your phone. When you are on a break, be actively engage in having a break.

Check in with yourself periodically to see how your energy levels are going. Often the first sign is finding it hard to stay focused. You start to feel fatigued and start to notice stress and tension in your body. You get fidgety, restless and easily distracted.

Consider taking a short break to recharge.

Use essential oils, the breath and simple reflection for a quick and easy energy booster, without leaving your desk.

5 minute Essential 0il Energy Booster

  1. Place up to six drops of the Recharge essential oil blend into your aroma diffuser.
  2. Just Breathe; the style of breath that relaxes the nervous system is a slow, deep inhale for 4 counts and a long, slow exhale for 6 counts. There is no pause in between each breath, just a smooth continuous cycle. Enjoy the aroma of the Recharge blend.
  3. Focus on where you feel stress in your body; draw your attention to any painful or tight areas of your body and on your exhales try to soften these areas.
  4. Acknowledge any challenges and Be understanding; This softens your response to stress;  for example, “I’m feeling (insert relevant feeling) ie. anxious, stressed, imposed upon, stagnant, challenged, restless, overwhelmed” etc. “its OK, this is a valid response to the situation.” Than go beneath the feelings and think of what you may need to soothe yourself. Statements that are useful in shifting you away from highly charged feelings to a more calm and centred space are “may I be peaceful”, “may I have clarity around the best next steps.” Continue breathing
  5. Hold stress release acupressure points; gently place your palm flat across your forehead. Use light pressure so that you can feel the pulse underneath the skin and continue breathing for a few minutes. To signify the end of the process you should feel your pulse synchronising under your fingers. Perhaps there’s a lighter feeling in your heart, more space for focus, clarity and a broader perspective.
  6. Realign to your bigger goals; Take a step back, reflect on the bigger picture. Are the activities you are relentlessly completing aligned with your bigger goals for your year, month, week, day? If not, re-prioritise.
Essential oils for energy boosting

That Feels Better

Brief periods of downtime scattered throughout your day can help restore focus and clarity, energy and vitality and willpower.

Downtime promotes calm, reducing your response to stress and overwhelm.

Taking timeout from the details, gives you a chance to check that tasks and activities are aligned to your bigger vision or goals.

It gives you a chance to evaluate your progress and make adjustments if needed.  It gives you time to feel good about your wins. This helps you maintain motivation to continue taking inspired action.

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Need Help?

Consciously choose to check in with yourself periodically throughout your day and plan some downtime.

Disrupting entrenched patterns of behaviour can be challenging. Don’t be discouraged if it takes time to achieve the desired changes.

If you would like some help, book in for an Aromatherapy consultation and boost your energy levels with a revitalising aromatherapy massage.

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