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Cultivating Positive Emotions

“Stress, anger, sadness. These feelings don’t come from the facts, they come from the meaning that we give the facts.” Tony Robbins

Cultivating positive emotions, matters when it comes to optimising performance at work and wellbeing in life.

Stress, the #1 side effect of challenging emotions, contributes to 60-80% of primary care visits in the US. The figures are similar in Australia.

More than raising awareness of the link between stress and our health and wellbeing, we actually need to be doing something about it to cultivate happier, healthier, more creative, productive and fulfilled lives.

Tony Robbins suggests that “Real Freedom comes when you make the decision to stop allowing external events to shape your emotional experience. “

If this is a new concept for you, the pattern of your thoughts is one you have been cultivating all your life.

These patterns or programs have been repeated so often that they become your automatic response.

The good news is, with awareness, you can question (disrupt) the meaning you give or attach to situations and broaden your perspective.

This calms the fight/ flight nervous system and relaxes the stress response.

Cultivating positive emotions with essential oils

Essential Oils; The Great Disrupters

Essential oils are a great disrupters to change entrenched ways of thinking and feeling.

Essential oils used with the conscious breath, acupressure points and mindful reflection are perfect companions for cultivating positive emotions.

The aroma interacts directly with your emotions, quickly changing your emotional landscape.  Bypassing the rational mind, this process soothes emotions and gently softens the heart.

This creates the space for a conscious shift in your perceptions and thoughts about challenging situations.

Being grounded in the present moment, helps you respond to challenging situations from a place of rational balance.

When you raise your level of emotional resilience and cultivate positive emotions, you reign in your nervous system and reduce the physical, mental and emotional impacts of stress.

Regular use of essential oils and mindful reflection will create new neural pathways and change your automatic response to stressors.

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Cultivating Positive Emotions with Essential Oils

You are triggered by the thoughts you have surrounding a stressful situation.


Take a deep breath in and slowly breath out, take another breath in and slowly breath out, continue breathing in this way.

Choose an essential oil aroma that you love and inhale it from the bottle or place up to six drops in an essential oil diffuser.

A beautiful blend for freedom from emotional stress and tension is:

1 Drop German Chamomile

2 Drops Grapefruit

1 Drop Melissa

1 Drop Everlasting

2 Drops Geranium

Continuing taking slow deep breaths, savour the aroma and hold the emotional stress relief points on your forehead (just place your flat palm across your forehead and hold as you breathe).

Notice your thoughts (but don’t engage). Question the validity of the thoughts; they are real for you but not necessarily true. Simply repeat to yourself “real but not true”, “real but not true”.

Notice your feelings and name them. Some examples could be “this is hurt”, “this is fear”, “this is anger”, “this is resentment”, “this is no choice”, “this is agitated”, “this is powerless” “this is intolerance” etc.

Treat yourself as if you were your own beloved child. Show care and compassion for your situation. Repeat “I’m sorry”, “please forgive me, these thoughts which are not true”, “Thank you for the opportunity to process and let this go”, “I love you.”

Draw your attention to where you feel stress and tension in your body. Soften into these areas on the out breaths.

Draw your attention to your heart space. Repeat “I love you.”

After a few minutes of breathing and releasing you should feel calmer. From this grounded state you will have more focus and clarity around the situation and be able to see things from a broader perspective.

Affirm to yourself “Real freedom comes when I choose gratitude over expectation, direct thinking towards the positive, steer attitudes towards steadiness, adaptability and contentment and attune to the rhythm of my life.”

Brainstorm ways to resolve the situation peacefully, creatively, with empathy and understanding, think win, win.

Build your resilience muscle, go beyond any hurts, develop your confidence and strong sense of integrity and inner containment.

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Need Help?

Consciously choose not to engage in unhelpful thoughts and change your response with compassionate self-care to improve your quality of life.

Disrupting entrenched patterns of behaviour can be challenging. Don’t be discouraged if it takes time to achieve the desired changes.

If you would like some help, book in for an Aromatherapy consultation and enhance emotional stress relief with an aromatherapy massage.