Meditation Support – Essential Oils to Inspire OM

There’s an old zen saying, You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.

Those of us who experience the benefits of meditation ie. for a little bit of peace in our busy day, creating some freedom from physical, mental and emotional stress and strain and providing clarity, know it’s a must do daily activity for maintaining wellbeing.

The challenge comes in finding a style that achieves our desired outcomes and can easily be incorporated into our daily activities.

Thankfully there are many styles of meditation and a different style for different times of the day and different personalities.

Whatever your meditation style(s), you can enhance your practice with essential oils.

In the morning, I sit quietly, relax and listen to music or if it’s nice on my balcony, I listen to the birds. I breathe in the aroma of an uplifting essential oil blend and consciously quieten and calm my mind, just letting thoughts come and go, breathing in and out naturally, just quiet and soft.  My heart rejoices in the delightful freedom of “just being”.

During the day, I take opportunities to checkout of the busyness of the day. I enjoy the aroma of a beautiful essential oil blend in a personalised perfume, hold stress release points and read an inspiring essential oil reflection. This refreshes my mind and puts me in a positive space.

At night, when I have more time, I can dedicate 20 minutes to be in stillness. Often I soak in an aromatherapy bath with beautiful essential oils. I close my eyes, take deliberate slow breaths and gradually deepen my breathing. I consciously focus on my breath, my heart space and add an appropriate affirmation to guide me.

I notice the thoughts that run across my mind and process them with awareness. While they are real for me they are not necessarily true. I nurture myself to heal from things that happened during the day and soften into any areas of accumulated stress and tension.

At this stage, I often get answers or moments of clarity from which inspired decision making happens. This enables me to have a peaceful sleep and wake up ready to take inspired action.

Essential Oils Composed

(Essential) Oils to inspire OM!

Whatever your style, essential oils can help you to slow down and deepen your breath, relax, connect you with your heart space, transport you to a place of peace and calm and provide space from which you can open to the clear insights of your heart and deeper mind.

Here is my dedicated OM Blend

1 Drop Frankincense

1 Drop patchouli

3 drops of cold pressed lime

1 Drop Clary Sage

Frankincense to pave the way to your higher self and cultivate positive inner guidance; Focus on your breath and the beautiful aroma of the essential oils. Slow and deepen your breath. Frankincense assists with this process and provides safe passage to the inner realms of the unconscious mind during meditation.

Patchouli to inspire peace; Continue breathing and invite in the comforting presence of peace. Place your hands over your heart, breathing in affirm “I embrace peace”, breathing out affirm, “I am peaceful”. Continue this until you feel an opening in your heart and the comforting presence of peace.

Lime to inspire calm; Continue focusing on your breath and the aroma to cultivate a sanctuary of harmony and simplicity. A healing place to rest your mind, until you can breathe freely and feel completely relaxed.

Clary Sage to inspire clarity; Continue breathing and open to the clear insights of your heart and deeper mind. Clary Sage heightens your natural intuitive clarity .  Explore options and sift through information that comes to you in this open meditative state. It can lead to inspired decision making.

I am Willing

Want to know more?

If you would like to experience how essential oils can improve your meditation practice and make your own personalised meditation blend, join me for the Art of Self-Care – Aromatherapy for Vital Health 1/2 day workshop. Two dates available in November. For more information and to book click here.

Yours in living well, Kim