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Stress Management! What’s the Problem?

Did you know that 80% of all illness is related to lack of stress management?

Why then, do we find it difficult make stress management a priority?

It’s as though we are desensitised to ongoing fatigue, the emotional burdens and outbursts.

We don’t focus on the physical stress and tensions until they become so acute that we are forced to stop.

We feel we have no choice; our work, families and other commitments are the bigger priorities. I get this. This was me and I’ll admit, some days I still fall into old patterns.

In 2012 I finally embodied the truth that you can’t give from an empty cup and I threw myself a lifeline.

I started to make empowering choices which are aligned to my bigger dream. I now have balance in my own life and inspire/help other busy women to really live well vital health.

Wendell Berry suggests that “The life we want is not merely the one we have chosen and made. It is the one we must be choosing and making.”

I love this because it speaks to being free to make new and empowered choices. If you know you are not consciously managing your stress, may I suggest that it’s time to make some empowered choices when it comes to self-care.

The biggest challenge around committing to daily self-care is time.

Like anything, you need to just do it and make it a lovely habit that you crave. This is easy with essential oils. You will love them from day 1.  You can easily incorporate them into activities you already enjoy. Think wine, only much better for you.

Essential oil stress management

Essential oils and Aromatherapy to the Rescue

Regular use of essential oils is an effective stress management tool.

Essential oils have the amazing ability to take you from stressed to calm in literally seconds.

The aroma of these beautiful plant extracts interacts directly with your emotions and can change your response to stress.

They calm your nervous system so that you can regain your composure, focus and clarity and energy and vitality. When used topically, they help with many of the physical symptoms of stress.

A beautiful blend to use in massage, the bath or diffusion for stress management

1 Drop Cypress

1 Drop Rose

2 Drops Neroli

2 Drops Petitgrain

Essential Oil Safety Tip

Not all essential oils are appropriate to use in the bath or massage if you are pregnant, have a chronic medical condition or on specific medications.

For more information about essential oil safety read my blog here.

If in doubt, please contact a qualified Aromatherapist for specific blends which will suit your individual needs. Contact me here.

Aromatherapy Brisbane

Aromatherapy Self-Care Practises

First thing in the morning, cleanse, tone and moisturise your face with natural skincare containing stress relieving and uplifting essential oils. Take slow deep breaths and notice where you are feeling any stress and tension in your body. Soften into these areas.

If you are a shower person, place up to three drops of uplifting essential oils on a face cloth. Place it on the floor of the shower where the warm water can reach it. Take slow deep breaths and feel the energy and vitality invigorating your body and mind.

During your day, take a couple of opportunities to check in with yourself to see how you are feeling. Add up to six drops of an essential oil blend to a diffuser and take a few deep breaths. Notice where you are holding on physically and emotionally and “let it go” on the out breaths.

Take an opportunity to take a short break, get out into the sunshine, go for a short walk, massage your neck, shoulders, lower back anywhere where you feel a tension that you can reach.

Take a few minutes to wind down in the evening before bed. Take some slow deep breaths as you cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin. Commit to a heavenly aromatherapy bath once a week and soak away the tension with your own personalised essential oil blend and some magnesium bath salts. You can read more about how to make an aromatherapy bath here.

At least once a month, book some dedicated time to truly “let go and let be”, have an Aromatherapy Massage. You will delight your senses and feel completely at ease when you spend time being nurtured by a qualified aromatherapist. It truly is nourishment for the soul.

If you would like more information about how aromatherapy and massage can help you manage stress, give me a call, or if you are ready to book an appointment, Save Time Book Online.

Yours in Living Well, Kim