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Stress and Your Success

Are you one of many busy women in business, who feel fatigued, pain and tension in muscles, experience inflammation, headaches, anxiety, disordered sleep, feelings of overwhelm, being unable to cope and difficulty thinking and/ or making decisions?

This is so common! Have you considered that you may be experiencing some of the side effects of prolonged stress?

Have you thought about how this situation is affecting not only the success of your business but also your quality of life?

In a state of prolonged stress, your body’s stress responses do not switch off, leaving you feeling unwell physically, mentally and emotionally.

This takes away from your ability to function at your best and maintain the energy and vitality needed to succeed in your business and enjoy life.

Over time this continual wear and tear on your body can contribute to the diseases of modern life such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and even some degenerate diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s’.

It’s time to STOP and smell the coffee; at least take a break and savour the aroma and taste of your coffee as you decide to take some inspired action to prioritise stress management as a necessary daily activity. After all, you would not choose to put off monitoring your sales, your budget, customer service, marketing and so on!

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How Aromatherapy Relieves Stress

After an aromatherapy treatment you feel the stress and tension melt from your body, pain and inflammation is reduced, you regain focus and clarity and experience an increase in energy and vitality.

The combination of the aroma of the essential oils and the techniques used in aromatherapy can calm the nervous system, balance the endocrine system and stimulate the immune system, allowing your stress responses to switch off so that you can deeply recover.

Research and indeed my own experience in clinic shows that essential oils can change mood, behaviour and motivation.

To keep your stress levels under control, you can use some simple and effective aromatic self-care techniques daily and incorporate regular aromatherapy massage into your monthly routine.

For more information about 5 steps to beat stress with self-care and essential oils read here.

Aromatherapy Massage - stress management

5 Reasons you need an Aromatherapy Massage

1.Delight your senses –  It’s the alchemy of the therapeutic use of essential oils,  gentle nurturing touch from an experienced and compassionate therapist and the relaxing atmosphere of the healing space, that evokes the relaxation response.

2.  Feel deeply nourished – An hour in this healing environment where there is nothing for you to do but give yourself space to “just be”, will get you in touch with the priorities that nourish your highest good.

3. Have more energy and vitality – In aromatherapy massage we can support vital energy by boosting your immune system with energising, refreshing and uplifting essential oil blends with antibacterial and antiviral properties. The aroma of the oils can also support you emotionally by helping to shift challenging states to a more supportive and positive state of being.

4. Improve physical wellbeing – Overtime if you do not respond appropriately to the stressors in your life, it shows up as physical dis-ease. Aromatherapy massage can help by relieving stress, boosting the immune system and treating many specific acute or chronic issues.

5. You are in safe hands – With women experiencing the benefits of essential oils in everyday self-care, many are seeking the skills of a trained practitioner to experience the peace of deep relaxation and the ensuing physical, emotional and mental relief.

For more information about how aromatherapy massage can give you a little bit of peace in your busy week, call me for a chat or Save Time, BOOK ONLINE.

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