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Are you one of the many beautiful busy women I’ve been speaking to lately who don’t feel you have time to prioritise your self care?

Perhaps you are fatigued, run down, have a cold you just can’t shake, experiencing headaches, having trouble sleeping, have brain fog by lunch time, lack vital energy and are sometimes overly emotional.

I get it, you are time poor and often feel you have no choice but continue with your busy routine without a pause, because others you care about or your business/job are the bigger priority.  The thing is, you can’t continue to give of your best from an empty cup.

Aromatherapy massage will delight your senses and reconnect you to the priorities which support your highest good.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to spend some dedicated time in self-care.

5 Reasons you need to Book a Massage with a Qualified Aromatherapist

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1.Delight your senses – Qualified Aromatherapists are professionally trained in the therapeutic use of aromatic plant oils. It’s the alchemy of the fragrant and therapeutic essential oils,  gentle nurturing touch from an experienced and compassionate therapist and the relaxing atmosphere of the healing space that evokes the relaxation response.

2.  Feel deeply nourished – An hour in this healing environment where there is nothing for you to do but give yourself space to “just be”, will get you in touch with the priorities that nourish your highest good.

Synergy is where the sum of the whole has greater power than the individual parts, this is the same with essential oil blends. By combining specific oils designed to meet your individual health and wellbeing needs your Aromatherapist can make a powerful synergistic blend to deeply nourish you on all levels of your physical, mental and emotional being.

3. Have more energy and vitality – In aromatherapy massage we can support vital energy by boosting your immune system with energising, refreshing and uplifting essential oil blends with antibacterial and antiviral properties.

The aroma of the oils can also support you emotionally by helping to shift challenging states to a more supportive and positive state of being.

4. Improve physical wellbeing – Overtime if you do not respond appropriately to the stressors in your life, it shows up as physical dis-ease.

Aromatherapy massage can help by relieving stress, boosting the immune system and treating many specific acute or chronic issues. An Aromatherapist can select essential oils to be used in your massage which are stress relieving, immune boosting, pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and when combined with massage can bring relief.

5. You are in safe hands – With many more people experiencing the benefits of essential oils many massage therapists are incorporating them into their treatments.

Most do not have the training to fully understand the breathe and depth of the therapeutic value of the oils or the potential problems you can encounter; lets face it, “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

A qualified Aromatherapist has studied the chemistry and pharmacology of essential oils as well as essential oil safety and efficacy in an holistic approach.

As such, an Aromatherapist will spend time talking to you about what other treatments your doctor or other natural therapists have prescribed and check what medications or supplements you might be taking.

This ensures that the essential oils selected complement your treatment and do not interact with other interventions.

So what are you waiting for, I’m caring, compassionate, qualified and waiting to help you improve your wellbeing with Aromatherapy massage.

If you’d like more information please call me on 0414 754 543 or save time book online.

Yours in Living Well,