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The life we want is not merely the one we have chosen and made. It is the one we must be choosing and making. Wendell Berry

As a busy woman in business, wife, mum, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and so on, I often found it difficult to prioritise self-care. I felt very deeply my responsibilities to so many in my circle. Often I was on autopilot, fighting fires and it was exhausting.

In 2012 I finally embodied the truth that you can’t give from an empty cup and I threw myself a lifeline. I started to make empowering choices in my life which were aligned to my true passions, that of having balance in my own life and inspiring other busy women to really live well in a heartfelt way.

The thing is, in order to be in the life you want you must be consciously choosing those activities which are aligned to your bigger purpose; your why and build more of these into your plans.

Living Well Essentials

Take a pause during your day to check-in with yourself, take a few breathes, settle into stillness, and listen to the calm knowing of your emotional intelligence. Consider the choices you have made this year, this month, this week and in your day; do they align with your bigger dream?

Do you need to make different and empowered choices to move yourself towards that which inspires you, gives you joy, and allows you to live well? Changing tack if you need to, will help you build resilience, have the energy and vitality you need to sustain the life you choose and to give to those you want to help without the overwhelm.

Perhaps you are not sure what your bigger dream is or you may have gotten so far off track you need some wise guidance to identify the path back.

The beautiful sweet scent of Neroli essential oil can connect you with that still point within where you can tap into your higher, deeper self to guide the choices you make.

You can wear Neroli essential oil diluted in jojoba as a personalised perfume. Take regular breaks for just a few minutes throughout your day and take some slow deep breaths of Neroli and draw your attention and your breath to your belly. You can hold your belly with one hand and feel the warmth settle there as you relax into stillness. Continue breathing and just enjoy being in the moment for a couple of minutes.

Consider what significant choices in your life have influenced where you are now?

Do you need to make some new and empowered choices that would move you towards a life you love?

Trust the emotional intelligence that comes from this place and begin to live in a new and expanded script for your life.

Affirm daily “I make my choices from the still point within.”

Your choices today shape the journey of your tomorrow.

If you would like to learn some self-care techniques incorporating essential oils, register here for my next Aromatherapy – The Art of Self-Care workshop.

Yours in Living Well,