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In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside you . Deepak Chopra

From Chaotic to Composed! It’s not our experiences but how we react in the face of that experience, which robs us of our sense of order and composure. This leads to all manner of physical, mental and emotional symptoms of stress.

How do you react when you are in the midst of some discontent? Do you pay attention to the challenging emotions or use distractions, avoidance, denials and/or addictions to numb and disconnect?

Change the thought process around your challenges. Stop filling the space with things and things to do. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and flow through rather than using avoidance and addictions which keep you sticky and stuck.

When you become mindful of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions you can experience peace of mind.

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From Chaotic to Composed with Essential Oils

Not all chaos is bad. Take a pause and breathe as you welcome all emotions. Pay attention to their messages, switch on your heart light with essential oils and self soothe. Get still, ask and listen for guidance and take inspired action to break through. This can lead to a more composed way of being and more constructive way of living.

To Gain Composure in the Midst of Chaos:

1.Pause, Breathe and Hold

Evoke the relaxation response to balance the nervous system. Place one hand on your belly and the other on the emotional stress relief points on your forehead. Just hold the flat of your palm across your forehead. Inhale through your nose for the count of 5 and breathe softly and deeply into your belly. Exhale slowly for the count of 5. Allow your body to relax and release tension. Repeat for 5 breaths.

2. Welcome all Emotions

Rumi compares being human to a guest house, “Every morning a new arrival, a joy, a depression, a meanness comes as an unexpected visitor.”  he suggests to “welcome and entertain them all, even if they are a crowd of sorrows” and to “be grateful for whatever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” Name the emotion ie. this is fear, anxiety, anger, sadness etc without judgement.

3. Be curious, What Message does the Emotion have for you?

What comes to mind when think of the emotion? Ask yourself does it relate to present time or is it a reaction to something from the past? The emotion is real but the thoughts and feelings associated may not necessarily be true. Question these and see if you can re-frame them with awareness and compassion. What does the opposite of the emotion mean to you?

4. Switch on your heart light

Place your hands on your heart and show yourself compassion for your situation. Tell yourself it’s OK. Breathe in the essence of a stress relieving essential oil and direct love, grace and gratitude to your beautiful heart.

5. In the stillness, keep breathing, and ask yourself what inspired action you could take to move you beyond the situation and towards your positive expression of the challenging emotion? ie. if you are saddened, what would it take for you to feel encouraged?

Sit with yourself in the silence and draw your attention to your assets and inner resources until the answer comes.

From a place of stillness and composure can you come up with a plan of action to move you beyond your concerns?

Essential Oils Composed

Essential Oils for the Path of Stillness

Mandarin – helps you move from chaotic thoughts and unhealthful behaviours and bring a deep commitment to creating internal order and composure.

Jasmine – helps you move through fear to bring more self trust, expecting the best and blessing the present.

Bergamot – shines the light of encouragement to look for the blessings in any discomfort and learn from your deepest inner most feelings

Cedarwood – when you are cautious and ignoring an important call to a new, different and inspirational way of living, cedarwood helps you find courage to rework the patterns of your life.

Roman Chamomile – helps remove the blocks that keep you rigid and inflexible in body and mind, enabling a conscious connection with your breath and relaxation.

Elemi – when you are restless and preoccupied with mindless rushing about, elimi activates a meditative state and helps you make time for quiet reflection encouraging serenity and tranquility.

Frankincense – brings stability and protection when your heart is feeling vulnerable.

Lime – when you are feeling agitated, dealing with stressful situations, lime clears any heated emotions and returns you ro a place of calm and ease.

Marjoram – helps remove obsessive thinking around stressful situations, strengthening your nervous system and soothing extremes in emotions.

Patchouli – awakens a deep yearning for peace when your spirit is fragmented, breathing in “I embrace peace”, breathing out, “I know I am peaceful.”

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