May the moon and starts pour their healing lights on you. Deep peace of a quiet earth to you. Celtic Blessing

Let’s face it, as much as we look forward to the festivities of the holiday season, it can all be pretty exhausting.

In this last week leading up to Christmas, I’d like to invite you to cultivate wholeheartedness as a defense against the disconnect and discontent that is caused by being in a constant state of busyness.

Using essential oils and some simple aromatherapy self-care techniques to self-soothe and strengthen your reserves will help you prioritise the activities that truly bring you joy, uplift your spirits and bring you and your loved a little bit of peace.

Cultivate your own daily sacred rituals with my advent inspired perfume essential oil blends.

Here are my top four suggestions.

bespoke essential oil blends

Connect to your Heart and Uplift and Energise your Morning

This beautiful blend is ideal for boosting your energy first thing in the morning.

Apply a personalised perfume to your wrists, inner elbows, on your neck and behind your ears.

Take 5 slow deep breaths, inhaling for the count of 5 and exhaling for the count of 5.

Turn on your heart light with Love, Grace and Gratitude as you inhale the aroma of this blend. A beautiful ritual for Love, Grace and Gratitude was created by Robbi Zeck. You can find the video on her website here.

Have a look and follow along. You will be inspired by the beautiful music of Olivia Newton John’s song Grace and Gratitude which goes beautifully with the words and movements.

Commit to some Downtime throughout your Day

To keep connected and rejuvenated at this busy time of year, be conscious of managing your energy instead of your time.

This requires a mindset shift for most of us.

Use the HIIT concept. Set yourself a time frame for intensive work. During this time you go hard or go home so to speak; no distractions. Set an alarm; when the timer goes off you stop and commence a short period of rest and recovery.

For rest and recovery, try this 5 minute energy booster technique with the joy blend.

  1. Place the personalised perfume on the pulse points as mentioned above.
  2. Just Breathe; the style of breath that relaxes the nervous system is a slow, deep inhale for 5 counts and a long, slow exhale for 5 counts.  Enjoy the aroma of the blend.
  3. Focus on where you feel stress in your body; draw your attention to any painful or tight areas of your body and on your exhales try to soften these areas.
  4. Acknowledge any challenges and Be understanding; This softens your response to stress;  for example, “I’m feeling (insert relevant feeling) ie. anxious, stressed, imposed upon, stagnant, challenged, restless, overwhelmed” etc. “its OK, this is a valid response to the situation.” Than go beneath the feelings and think of what you may need to soothe yourself. Statements that are useful in shifting you away from highly charged feelings to a more calm and centred space are “may I be peaceful”, “may I have clarity around the best next steps.” Continue breathing
  5. Hold stress release acupressure points; gently place your palm flat across your forehead. Use light pressure so that you can feel the pulse underneath the skin and continue breathing for a few minutes. To signify the end of the process you should feel your pulse synchronising under your fingers. Perhaps there’s a lighter feeling in your heart, more space for focus, clarity and a broader perspective.
  6. Realign to your bigger goals; Take a step back, reflect on the bigger picture. Are the activities you are relentlessly completing aligned with your bigger goals for your week? If not, re-prioritise.

Put Your Feet Up

At the end of your work day, embrace some luxury and enjoy a foot bath to relieve tired, swollen, aching feet and legs and give you a lift.

To relieve tired aching feet add ½ cup of magnesium bath flakes to tepid foot bath. Rub the peace blend into your feet and ankles and place them into the water. Soak feet for ten minutes, as you take slow deep breaths and massage feet and legs in an upward motion to bring calm, balance and restoration.

Support Restorative Sleep

20 minutes before bed apply the Love perfume blend to pulse points.

Close your eyes, take deliberate slow breaths and gradually deepen your breathing. Consciously focus on your breath, your heart space and add the affirmation “I surrender to the fragrant nectar of my heart”.

Notice the thoughts that run across your mind and process them with awareness. Nurture yourself to heal from things that happened during the day and soften into any areas of accumulated stress and tension.

Are there any answers or moments of clarity from which you can glean some inspired intentions? This will help you have a peaceful sleep and wake up ready to take inspired action.

You could also combine the aroma of the essential oils with mindfulness and relaxation practices such as journaling, meditation, gentle yoga or stretching, and/or play soothing music.

peace essential oil blend

These four Advent inspired personal perfume blends are available now for pre-Christmas delivery. 10ml roller bottle blended with pure Australian jojoba $15 each or 4 for $50, click here for more details.

Still need help? Call a professional. An aromatherapy massage will restore your vital energy and give you time out to feel relaxed and stress free. Give yourself the gift of peace this Christmas. Book your rejuvenating treatment today. I still have appointments available pre-Christmas. Save Time Book Online or call me on 0414 754 543.

Wishing you hope, peace, joy and love this Christmas and for the coming year.