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If you can change your mind, you can change your life. – William James

Essential Oils for Strong Mindset and Spring Detox Success

Spring is here! Have you committed to your Spring Cleanse or Detox?

What is your biggest fear around achieving your wellbeing goals?

Perhaps you know you will start out strong but what happens if your energy does not continue to match your intention for success? This is a common issue, but don’t worry with a little help, success can be yours.

You can use essential oils to build and maintain your motivation, strong energy, intention and the focus and clarity needed to stay on track and achieve success.

Three biggest challenges around achieving your Detox wellbeing goals are:

  • Setting your intention and aligning it with your energy
  • Maintaining your energy over time to match the intention
  • Keeping a clear head to maintain your focus and clarity.

My Essential Oils Blend for Energy, Intention, Focus and Clarity

Four essential oils used in consistent daily self-care with compassion, can help keep you on track. It’s a beautiful combination of spearmint, spruce, sweet thyme and lemon essential oils.

If on your journey you feel weary of body and mind, this blend will help you overcome your own annoying lethargy, it will wake you up, keep you moving, get you excited and harness your energy to achieve your wellbeing goals.

Spearmint – invigorates, strengthens and fosters your commitment. It helps you align your intention to your energy.

Spruce – activates the release of a healthy flow of energy, has the capacity to shift you from feelings of defeat to feeling refreshed and motivated.

Sweet Thyme –  brings the energy needed by the physical body to maintain will power.  It empowers a strong belief in your ability to harness your own healing potential. It helps you to access your strength, to know that you are on track and that nothing will turn you away from your resolve.

Lemon – lemon is uplifting, it enlivens your body and brings focus and clarity when you need to sharpen your progress, clear your head and think rationally.

Essential oil safety tip. Always dilute your essential oils in an organic carrier oil or base cream if applying it to your skin. Check here for dosage and dilution ratios.

Not all essential oils are suitable to use if you are on certain medications or medical issues.

Always do your research and consult with a qualified practitioner if in doubt. If you are pregnant it is best to enjoy essential oils in diffusion for up to 1/2 hour in a well ventilated area.

Here is a 5 Step practice that takes just a few minutes to help you build resilience

Complete it several times throughout your day.

1.Take your blend and apply it to your pulse points at your wrists, elbows, behind your ears. Hold the emotional stress release points on your forehead; ie. gently place your palm flat across your forehead. Use light pressure so that you can feel the pulses underneath the skin, they may feel a little erratic.

2. Just breathe; the style of breath that relaxes the nervous system is a slow, deep inhale for 4 counts and a long, slow exhale for 6 counts. There is no pause in between each breath, just a smooth continuous cycle. Enjoy the aroma of your blend.

3. Focus on where you feel any stress and resistance in your body; draw your attention to any painful or tight areas of your body and any annoying lethargy you may be feeling and on your exhales try to soften these areas.

4. Be compassionate and acknowledge any challenges; reflect on your vision for your health and wellbeing. Where you are at? How are you going? What are the challenges? Is your energy not aligned with your intention? Are emotions taking over your logic brain? Is your motivation muscle not flexed enough? Offer yourself compassion and acknowledge any difficulties and soften your response to your inner critic.

Tell yourself “it’s OK,” “acknowledge what’s difficult” and give yourself understanding,  say “forgiven”.

5. Refocus on your vision, reflect on your wellbeing goals, picture yourself succeeding, use your mind movie to play out every detail, imagine yourself living in the feelings of vital energy and a deliciously abundant life.

Wake up, get moving, get excited, harness your energy, strengthen your resolve and break through any negative habits and patterns.

Affirm “My energy and intention are aligned, Energy flows where my motivation goes, motivation goes where my energy flows, I am a powerhouse of energy and my thinking is clear and concise.”

You can do this process first thing in the morning to help you get out and get on with your health and wellbeing intentions.

Use it during the day to keep your intention and energy aligned and your focus and clarity keen.

Book an aromatherapy consultation, or massage to help you with manage any of the physical or emotional challenges experienced during your detox or cleanse.