stress management

Dear Beautiful Busy Woman,

Are you getting bogged down in the busyness of your life?

Feeling emotionally and physically drained; stuck, confused and feel you have little or no choice?

You think you can close the gap, between where you are now and where you feel you should be, by simply doing more!

In reality, you realise you are no closer and you are exhausted.

So what’s going wrong?

Simply? Feeling overwhelmed means you won’t be seeing the forest for the trees.

Stop now!

Brisbane Aromatherapy and Massage

Clarity and Focus Begins Here

Come with me, take a breath and consciously choose a different path.

Look at the landscape, can you see that landmark with a higher vantage point?

Let’s go there and get a broader view.

I know there’s a different way; a clearer path with less obstacles and a clear view of our destination.

Sure the hill is a bit steep, it may seem that it will take too much time to get to the top. The climb will take effort we perhaps feel we don’t have.

We will have to use different muscles to the ones we are currently using.

But imagine the feeling when we can see all the way to the horizon, clear and beautiful.

How elated will we feel as we breathe in the crisp, clean air and feel that air expand in our lungs? We can breathe freely again.

We can just rest here awhile, enjoy the view for a bit and then when we have recovered, be ready to plan and prioritise the next stage of our journey with clarity, focus, renewed excitement, energy and vitality.

Are you with me?

Let’s do it!

Living Well Essentials

Let Go and Let Be with Essential Oils and Conscious Breath

Choose now to take some time out for self-care and reconnect with your wiser more rational self.

Here is a perfect essential oil blend and self-care technique for the “Let Go and Let Be” journey.

2 drops Rosewood

1 drop Lemon

1 drop Lavender

1 drop Australian Sandalwood

1 drop Neroli

Essential oils for energy boosting

  • Place up to six drops of essential oil in a diffuser and take slow deep breaths.
  • Notice where you are holding any tension and stress in your body and soften into these areas. If you can reach, massage the area to soften and bring some relief.
  • Take a step back, reflect on the bigger picture. Are the activities you are relentlessly completing aligned with your bigger goals for your year, month, week, day? If not, re-prioritise.
  • Rearrange your plans to include some time today to reconnect with the things that inspire you and bring you joy. Can you step outside into the sunshine, go for a walk, do some exercise, enjoy a cup of tea, drink more water, sing, dance, paint, create whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

Nourish and nurture yourself to help you get perspective and allow you to move forward with renewed energy and vitality. A clear run to the finish line!

If you get bogged down again, commit to returning to the closest higher vantage point and reassess the way.

I have a higher vantage point at Living Well Essentials right here in East Brisbane! If you would like to drop by and expand your view for greater focus and clarity, energy and vitality call me on 0414 754 543 or save time and book online for an aromatherapy massage.

Yours in Living Well,