Embrace Loving Practice

The lover visible, and the Beloved invisible, whoever saw such a love in all the world? Rumi

Connecting to the beloved within, the gift of self-love, is a profoundly fulfilling experience.

It can help you to:

  • let go of painful past experiences that rob you of your self-confidence
  • cope with the sadness of betrayals or losing a loved one due to breakup, abandonment or death
  • give and receive love in a balanced way.

If you have experienced separation, you know the pain and suffering of fear, anger, loneliness, sadness and insecurity and perhaps you fill your days with distractions, addictions and/or denials to avoid feeling the pain.

An alternative is to awaken your heart energy with loving daily practices to embody a sense of deeper identity and belonging.

  • Infuse love, joy. compassion and tranquility into your heart
  • Love and accept yourself
  • Let go of pain and fear and learn to dance in the light again.

Rose essential oil used in reflection, forgiveness and compassion practices and aromatherapy massage can help you take to a sacred pause to reconnect to your beautiful heart and embrace the divine Beloved within.

When you accept and love yourself you will attract greater love from all around you.

Infuse Love, Joy, Compassion and Tranquility

There is something to be said for “looking at the world through rose coloured glasses”.

Infusing love, grace and gratitude with compassion and forgiveness for self and others, allows you to release or move through challenging emotions and see things from a more expanded viewpoint.

Without critical self-talk, blaming and shaming ourselves and others we can cultivate stillness and calm. From this heart centred space all the various expressions of love such as courage, being true to yourself, restraint instead of re-activeness, generosity, tolerance and forgiveness are all more available to us.

Essential oils are perfect companions for these practices because they have a gentle affinity with the heart and the emotional brain. Bypassing the rational mind, they help soothe challenging emotions and gently soften the heart, creating space for a shift in your perceptions and feelings towards the most challenging situations.

Use my Beloved blend to go beneath any hurts, sense how you are feeling, attend to those feelings with mindful compassion and identify what you need to be soothed. A simple act of self-love; a sacred pause to reconnect to the beautiful essence of your spirit coupled with a forgiveness practice can bring a little bit of peace and a more empowered state of being.

You can use this blend in a diffuser, a personalised perfume, massage or bath.

Beloved blend

True Lavender to inspire self-nurture; Consider how you can be more nurturing to yourself. Continuing to give to others without attending to your own needs, leads to physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Use lavender to identify what you can do more of to look after your own needs first and do more of this.

Rose to inspire love; Use the beautiful scent of rose to evoke your sense of deeper identity and belonging. Open your heart and take a sacred pause to embrace your divine beloved within. Can you give yourself your own loving approval?

Sandalwood to inspire a higher perspective from which to view your life; Use sandalwood to help you let go of busyness and take a pause to reflect on the bigger picture of your life. Do you need to address a life issue in another way?

Neroli to inspire conscious choice; Use the sweet scent of neroli to connect you with that still point within. Can you can tap into your higher, deeper self to guide the choices you make?

Frankincense to inspire protection; Use the deeply penetrating, spicy fragrance of frankincense to offer safe passage when you are exploring your inner realm to help cultivate positive inner guidance.

Fragonia to inspire dignity; Use fragonia to take you beyond any lingering hurts and emotional enmeshment stemming from any unresolved family issues.

Essential Oil Application Techniques

In a diffuser place up to six drops and run the diffuser for up to 1 hr, 3 times per day for therapeutic benefits. Take slow deep breaths.

In a bath blend, place up to six drops of essential oil in 12mls of organic, plant based, carrier oil and add to warm bath water. Soak for up to 20 minutes, taking slow deep breaths.

For a massage blend, place up to six drops of essential oil in 12mls of organic, plant based, carrier oil and apply to any areas of tension in your body. Take slow deep breaths as you massage. Better still come and enjoy the deep peace of a full body aromatherapy massage at my East Brisbane Clinic.

For a personalised perfume blend, place up to 6 drops of essential oil in 6mls of organic, plant based, carrier oil and apply to pulse points behind your ears, on your wrists and at your elbows. Take several slow deep breaths.

Essential Oil Safety Tip

Never use undiluted essential oils directly on the skin. They contain concentrated plant compounds and can cause sensitivities.

If you are pregnant, use the blend in the diffusion application method and/or consult a certified clinical Aromatherapist.

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A simple Act of Self-Love – Take a Sacred Pause

Approaching any releasing work from a space of peace is very beneficial. Use heart centred breathing, the fragrance of the beloved essential oil blend, listen to some beautiful music, chant the mantra Om Shanti Om to help you rest in stillness and peace.

  1. Begin by taking a few conscious breaths and holding the emotional stress release points on your forehead; simply hold your forehead in the palm of your hand.
  2. On the inhales, direct the breath to your belly and draw your attention to your heart space.
  3. On the exhales notice any areas of tension in your body. Where are you holding on/holding in?
  4. Take a breath and let go. Try to soften into these areas. Breathing in affirm “I embrace peace”, breathing out “I am peaceful”
  5. Continue breathing in this manner for a few minutes and try to become really present in the moment.

Let Go and Let Be – Compassion and Forgiveness Practice

Having an intention to open the door for forgiveness and loving approval is the energy that brings more peace. Simply hold the intention for forgiveness and compassion and use these steps let go of things that block or girdle your life and move beyond any self-imposed limitations.

Forgiveness practices are more effective from a place of a softened heart, one that feels forgiveness or compassion for self and others and one that acknowledges the suffering in the need to be right or that of being the victim. It is important to distinguish that forgiveness does not mean condoning someone’s behaviour, just that in forgiving you are releasing your burden, it is the most profound act of self-love available to you.

Reflect on any upsets or dramas that you want to release from your life.

  1. Ask “how am I creating separation from myself”, “what am I holding against myself?” (This could be your most persistent self-talk, limiting belief or block, somewhere where your past has attached itself to you and follows you. Dredge up the past and feel the feelings and express them on paper. Really feel into the sensations as you write down.
  2. Sense the possibility of the intention to forgive, say the words “I see and feel the pain and suffering this has caused me, please forgive me” then “forgiven”, “forgiven”. Hold yourself with kindness, care and compassion, repeating the words forgiven until your feel a softening in your heart space, perhaps you can open a door and can let any pain, hurt and suffering go. Breathe it out. Can you offer yourself some loving approval?
  3. Continue breathing and widen your attention to another with whom you experience distance or separation. Imagine them acknowledging the hurt and pain they have caused you and asking for your forgiveness. Hold the intention for compassion or forgiveness for this person and not to be pushing them from your heart. What can you appreciate about this person or their situation? What part do you play, victim? righteous judge? How do your feelings, thoughts and actions reinforce the separation? Can you change your story in this? Continue breathing until you feel a softening in your heart space. Can you give yourself and this person your loving approval?
  4. Continue breathing and assert ” I now forgive you and love you unconditionally and release you to live your life in peace.”
  5. Notice how you feel when you are engaged in positive loving practices. Notice how much love you feel when you realise your capacity for love is limitless.

Complete this sequence as often as you need to. You may need to perform it several times for some people in your life. Regularly connect to your beautiful loving heart and open to a space that allows for giving and receiving of love in a balanced way.

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Need Some Help?

Disrupting entrenched patterns of behaviour can be challenging. Don’t be discouraged if it takes time to achieve the desired changes.

If you would like some help, book in for an Aromatherapy consultation and enhance your connection to the beloved within with an aromatherapy massage.

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