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Forgiveness is an Act of Self-Love

Forgiveness is perhaps one of the most profound yet difficult acts of Self-Love.

Part of the difficulty is that whilst the heart might desperately want relief from the pain associated with hurt and betrayal, the rational mind is deeply offended by the notion of letting it go.

You can’t will forgiveness, but you can be willing.

The gain for your work with forgiveness is to free your heart and experience joy.

It is helpful to acknowledge that forgiving does not mean approving, nor does it mean being passive. Wise discrimination is needed to set healthy boundaries. Forgiving is a way to release your own heart from suffering.

Essential oils used with the conscious breath and essential oil reflections are perfect companions for the forgiveness journey. Bypassing the rational mind, this process soothes emotions and gently softens the heart, creating a shift in your perceptions and feelings towards the most challenging situations.

My essential oil blend to help you step into forgiveness is 1 drop Black Pepper, 2 drops Palmarosa, 1 drop Petitgrain, 1 drop Melissa and 1 drop juniper. I am accepting, compassionate, awakened, grateful and joyous.

Be true to yourself. If you are not in the space yet for forgiveness of another, acknowledge this and accept where you are. You may be able to forgive yourself and stay open to the intention of forgiveness of another in time. Having the intention to open the door for forgiveness is the energy that brings more peace.

Take some time out in a beautiful space and dedicate some time for self-care and simply hold the intention for forgiveness or compassion.

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Portal to Forgiveness is Stillness and Peace

Approaching any releasing work from a space of peace is very beneficial.

Use heart centred breathing with an essential oil to help you rest in stillness and peace.

  1. Place up to six drops of a forgiveness essential oil blend in a diffuser.
  2. Take a few conscious breaths and hold the emotional stress release points on your forehead; simply hold your forehead in the palm of your hand.
  3. On the inhales, direct the breath to your belly and draw your attention to your heart space.
  4. On the exhales notice any areas of tension in your body. Where are you holding on/holding in?
  5. Take another breath and let go. Try to soften into these areas. Breathing in state “I embrace peace”, breathing out, state “I am peaceful”
  6. Continue breathing in this manner until you become really present in the moment.
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Let Go and Let Be

Having an intention to open the door for forgiveness is the energy that brings more peace. Simply hold the intention for forgiveness and compassion and let go of things that block or girdle your life and move beyond any self-imposed limitations.

Forgiveness practices are more effective from a place of a softened heart, one that feels forgiveness or compassion for self and others and one that acknowledges the suffering in the need to be right or that of being the victim.

Reflect on any upsets or dramas that you want to release from your life and write them down on a piece of paper. At the end of the practice burn the paper.

  1. Ask yourself what upsets and dramas do I want to release from my life? “how am I creating separation from myself”, “what am I holding against myself?” (This could be your most persistent self-talk, limiting belief or block, somewhere where your past has attached itself to you and follows you. Dredge up the past and feel the feelings and express them on paper. Really feel into the sensations as you write them down.)
  2. Sense the possibility of the intention to forgive, say the words “I see and feel the pain and suffering this has caused me, please forgive me” then “forgiven”, “forgiven”. Hold yourself with kindness, care and compassion, repeating the words forgiven until your feel a softening in your heart space and can let any pain, hurt and suffering go.
  3. Continue breathing and widen your attention to another with whom you experience distance or separation. Imagine them acknowledging the hurt and pain they have caused you and asking for your forgiveness. Hold the intention for compassion or forgiveness for this person and not to be pushing them from your heart. What can you appreciate about this person or their situation? What part do you play, victim? righteous judge? How do your feelings, thoughts and actions reinforce the separation? Can you change your story in this? Continue breathing until you feel a softening in your heart space. Affirm, “As I embrace forgiveness, my heart softens and opens to peace.”
  4. Marinate in these peaceful feelings for 60 seconds or more and acknowledge gratitude for your practice.
I am Willing

Forgiveness Can’t be Willed but you Can be Willing

Be true to yourself.  If you are not yet in the space yet forgiveness of another, acknowledge this and accept where you are. You may be able to forgive yourself and stay open to the intention for forgiveness of another in time. Having the intention to open the door for forgiveness is the energy that brings more peace.

Forgiveness is a life path, it’s a process that we need to do over and over. Whatever we practice regularly becomes our default reaction. Be mindful of the natural reaction of the nervous system to morph hurt into blame and judgement. Choose instead to respond with compassion, to free your heart and be more open to the joy in your life.

Disrupting entrenched patterns of behaviour can be challenging. Don’t be discouraged if it takes time to achieve the desired changes.

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