the key to wellbeing

Self-Care is the key to Wellbeing

Self-Care is the key to wellbeing as it is the path to relieving stress.

Feelings of overwhelm, fatigue, being unable to cope, difficulty thinking and/or making decisions, feeling that things go wrong frequently, and the physical effects; headaches, indigestion, PMS, tight chest and throat, heart palpitations to name a few, are all symptoms that your nervous system is in overload.

Stress fuels miscommunication both within your brain and within your body, resulting in these physical signs of disease.

You can reopen the channels of communication between the different systems of the body and restore wellbeing by relieving stress with Self-Care.

Why can’t we Prioritise Daily Self-Care?

Here’s why I think we find it difficult to prioritise self-care in our daily routine.

We relate self-care to SELF-ish rather than self-ISH. Here’s my take on this concept first presented to me in Sarah Knight’s book “You do You”.

SELFish – Adj; lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. Synonym; inconsiderate, uncaring, unkind.

selfISH – Adj; concerned with the needs of self, taking care of self and also being mindful of how your actions affect others. Synonym; Putting on the oxygen mask before helping others, self-care, happiness.

Conclusion, don’t be SELFish but also don’t confuse SELFish with selfISH. It’s ok to be selfISH because in the words of Sarah Knight “being concerned with yourself doesn’t exclude you from ALSO being generous, caring, attentive and empathetic to others.”

I completely agree.

Being selfISH means you give yourself permission to prioritise self-care as being as important as your family and career. In fact achieving happiness in all areas of your life requires you to take care of yourself.

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Make Self-Care a Priority

The life we want is not merely the one we have chosen and made. It is the one we must be choosing and making. Wendell Berry

It’s a conscious choice you simply make one day because the pain and suffering of not making that choice, becomes too great!

Plan to make some small changes to your daily Routine to get back the Balance. These small changes will help you step into vital health so that you can thrive and enjoy your life.

Essential oils are great companions for self-care practices. They are so easy to use, delight the senses and they have a profound and positive effect, building resilience to stress.

When you raise your level of resilience to stress, you can reign your nervous system and reduce the physical, mental and emotional impacts. Simply feeling better, fuels the desire to continue to make self-care a priority. You just need to start.

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Aromatherapy Self-Care Practices to Create Calm

  1. Apply your signature stress relief perfume blend to your wrists, inner elbows, on your neck and behind your ears.
  2. Take 5 slow deep breaths, inhaling for the count of 5 and exhaling for the count of 5.
  3. Where do you feel the stress in your body; draw your attention to any painful or tight areas in your body and on your exhales try to soften these areas.
  4. Be compassionate and acknowledge any suffering; compassion and acknowledgement soften your response to stress; tell yourself “it’s ok,” “acknowledge what hurts” and that “you care deeply “, say “forgiven”. Other statements that are useful in shifting you away from highly charged feelings to a more calm and centred space are “may I be peaceful”, “may I be safe,” “may I be loved”.
  5. Turn on your heart light with Love, Grace and Gratitude as you inhale the aroma of this blend. A beautiful ritual for Love, Grace and Gratitude was created by Robbi Zeck. You can find the video on her website here. Have a look and follow along. You will be inspired by the beautiful music of Olivia Newton John’s song Grace and Gratitude which goes beautifully with the words and movements
  6. Hold the Emotional stress release points, breathe and read the essential oil reflections. Gently place your palm flat across your forehead. Use light pressure so that you can feel the pulse underneath the skin and continue breathing for a few minutes. Read the relevant Essential Oil Reflection(s) for the essential oils that make up your signature stress relief blend. (NB you can purchase the Blossoming Heart – Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation book containing the essential oil reflections here). To signify the end of the process you should feel your pulse synchronising under your fingers. Perhaps there’s a lighter feeling in your heart, more space for focus, clarity and a broader perspective.

Go from Chaotic to Calm in an Afternoon

If stress is doing your head in and you are not taking care of yourself come and get a little bit of relief.

Come and experience how to instantly relax & clear your head when stress hits.

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What else do you get?

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