Aromatherapy to reduce pain and inflammation


Essential oils are wonderful healing tools to relieve inflammation and pain resulting from physical injury, infection, burns, hormonal imbalances, food and persistent suffering from emotional knots.

Essential oils are quickly absorbed into the body, when massaged into the skin (diluted in a suitable carrier oil) and the aroma is inhaled.  Once absorbed they effectively ease pain, inflammation and calm the nervous system. Essential oils also induce relaxation and reduce tension and stress, factors that are crucial to keeping inflammation under control.

Inflammation usually indicates that there is some tissue damage. This may also occur if you exercise to the point where you have strained or pulled a muscle.  Kunzea essential oil is very effective to relieve muscular aches, joint pain and nervous tension because it assists in the release of both physical and emotional pain. Read more about Kunzea essential oil here.

Some other effective aromatherapy blends for pain and inflammation:

Headache blend
To relieve a stress and tension headache, blend 3 drops of lavender and 2 drops of peppermint in 20mls of coconut oil and gently massage into base of the skull, temples (be careful not to get near the eyes), and the bottom of feet. Use broad gentle strokes and take slow deep breaths. A wonderful alternative to making your own is Larissa Bright’s Pressure Point balm a mix of Australian peppermint and lavender essential oils in pure natural oils of macadamia, coconut, jojoba, advocado, bees wax and shea butter. See Larissa Bright here for details and 20% off for January. Essential oil safety tip do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.

Chest rubs for cold symptoms – adults
Blend 2 drops of Eucalyptus, 2 drops of niaouli, 2 drops lavender in 20mls of coconut oil. Rub into chest, back and bottom of feet, put socks on feet and try to get some rest.

Safety tip Do not use eucalyptus essential oil and niaouli on children under 10 with respiratory issues, alternative recipe for children; 2 drops mandarin, 2 drops lavender and 2 drops frankincense in 20mls coconut oil.

Muscular Aches and Pain
For muscular aches, pain and strains a blend of niaouli, ginger, lavender and black pepper in a cold pressed vegetable oil or coconut oil works well. Apply in broad gentle strokes to the affected area.

For more information about Aromatherapy and massage or to contact me to make your personalised blend see Living Well Essentials here.

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