Increase Energy, Focus, Concentration and Motivation with Aromatherapy

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With school going back this week and people really getting back into the swing of work after summer holidays, I thought it was timely to let you know how wonderful essential oils and aromatherapy are for increasing your energy, focus, concentration and motivation.

Experiencing a beautiful essential oil aroma while working and/or studying can help you to relax and reduce stress as well as increase mental focus and clarity.

A wonderful blend for this purpose is black pepper, petitgrain, basil, bergamot and lemon. Place six drops with water in an aroma burner or diffuser and enjoy. This is my HSC study signature blend.

Inhale Grapefruit or Peppermint essential oils occasionally while driving, reading or studying to promote alertness and stimulate memory. A blend of Basil and Bergamot will also help with concentration. Inhale during the day to increase focus. Place 2 drops on cotton wool, tissue or hanky and take slow deep breaths.

Some other helpful oils
Basil brings balance and clarity to the mind and emotions.
Cedarwood brings strength, commitment and courage to take action in your life to rework patterns that no longer serve you.
Eucalyptus expands and integrates your thinking so that you can see the big picture.
Ginger sustains and rebuilds a loss of energy on the physical and emotional levels. When you are not lasting the distance Ginger builds the strength and endurance to succeed.
Grapefruit provides a new zest for life and uplifts the spirit.
Lemon helps when you are feeling confused and out of your depth. It sharpens your focus and paves the way for rational thinking.
Peppermint is icy cool and sustains energy bringing balance and focus.
Petitgrain is fresh and stimulating encouraging your memory.
Rosemary directs creative energy into action.
Vetiver offers you stability, quiet assurance, support and strength when turning points of life challenge you.

An electric burner or diffuser is the safest, most economical and beneficial way to experience the aroma of pure essential oils. You can find out more about an electric vaporiser by visiting Larissa Bright here.

For more information about Aromatherapy and essential oils or to contact me for a specific blend to suit your individual needs go to Living Well Essentials here.

Yours in Living Well,


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