Enhance romance and sensuality with essential oils

phone 13052014 494February is here, the month of love and romance.

Of all the senses involved in the dance of romance and sensuality, smell has the most power to connect us with those parts of the brain that allow us to bypass the conscious mind and logic. This can transport us to places in the unconscious where we can unlock our passions and reconnect with our soul. What could be more desirous and attractive for ourselves and those around us.

The aroma of essential oils evoke a sense of beauty and are wonderful to create a lovely space for a reflective night in with ourselves, an erotic encounter with our mate or anything in between.

So for the month of February, identify some essential oils which may help you unlock your passion and/or move closer to your heart centre. Use the corresponding essential oils either in your electric vaporiser, as a personal perfume, in your bath or in massage and watch your self confidence, happiness and allure grow.

Blends for specific moods

Romance – Blend 3 drops of Rose, 3 drops of Jasmine and 3 drops of Neroli in 20mls of cold pressed vegetable oil such as sweet almond or jojoba add to a warm bath or use in a sensual massage

Sensuality – blend 3 drops Rose, 1 drop Ylang Ylang, 3 drops Australian Sandalwood and 3 drops Sweet Orange in 10 mls cold pressed vegetable oil and use as a personal perfume. Apply to wrists, breast bone, neck etc.

Exotica – blend 1 drop Vanilla, 2 drops Sandalwood, 2 drops Cinnamon bark and 1 drop Patchouli in an electric vaporiser to create an exotic mood room

Essential oils to facilitate loving connection to yourself and others

Aromatic Kinesiologist, Robbi Zeck ND suggests in her book The Blossoming Heart the following essential oils.

To feel more connected to yourself and others use Cinnamon bark; if you are feeling emotionally withdrawn, spicy cinnamon brings warmth and energy encouraging you to look for a more open way of expressing yourself.

To feel more loved use Rose; the heavenly aroma of rose can make you feel more connected with your heart space. Breathe in the aroma of rose and focus on your heart space. Spend some time each day doing something you love. Show your love ones how much you love them.

To feel more nurtured use Lavender; if you are feeling a little neglected, the aroma of lavender warms the heart increasing your awareness of what you need to do to take genuine care of yourself and those you love.

To be more trusting use Jasmine; if you are feeling fearful, breathing in the exotic aroma of jasmine will help to replace fear with trust and faith that you will find the right action to move forward with confidence.

To be more reflective try Sandalwood; if you are feeling drained, the spicy fragrance of Sandalwood can help you let go and make time to just be.  Take time out for quiet reflection about important issues in your life to get some clarity.

To feel more lighthearted use Sweet Orange; if you are taking life too seriously, orange will help you to loosen up and find your sense of humour. Use the breath to come to the present moment, let go of worry about the past and future.

For more information about Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation see Robbi Zeck’s “The Blossoming Heart” here.

If you would like me to blend your own personal aromatic perfume, vaporiser or massage blend or book in for an aromatherapeutic massage contact me here.

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