Healing your hurt with essential oils

There are times in our lives when it’s necessary to say sorry or to forgive someone else or even ourselves because holding onto the hurt can transform into physical and emotional knots of suffering. Saying sorry can really shift things. If you feel as though things have moved on, though, and there is no going back, it might be time to work on healing your hurt.

Working with essential oils is a gentle way to help you shift persistent knots of emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual suffering. Essential oils have a great affinity in helping us bypass the thinking part of the brain and help us access, acknowledge and value the feeling parts of our being. It is from this space that healing can begin.

The healing benefits of Aromatherapy massage with the appropriate essential oil blend selected to target a specific type of hurt such as grief, anger, overwhelm, shame, guilt, sadness, intolerance, betrayal, resentment etc can be beneficial in giving you the space to reflect on the actions you may need to take to start to shift and release the hurt. Many times I have seen the simple act of nurturing touch and the essential oil aroma bring pent up emotions gently to the surface to be processed and let go.

Using an essential oil blend in environmental scenting is also beneficial especially if you can meditate, focusing on your breath. Spending 20 minutes in a bath infused with essential oils and breathing deeply will also have a positive effect.

Some essential oils which help with healing hurt include, bergamot, kunzea, roman chamomile, spikenard, rose, melissa, geranium, lime, palmarosa, vetiver, ylang ylang, bay laurel, black pepper, niaouli and pine. This is not an exhaustive list and a qualified Aromatherapist is best placed to help you find a blend for your specific needs.

If you would like more information on using essential oils to help you release any pent up emotional or physical hurts please contact me here.

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