Brisbane Essential Oils

Did you know nearly half the population of working women suffer from tiredness and fatigue?

If this is you, you are not alone and you can do something about it.

A large percentage of tiredness and exhaustion is attributed to emotional stress and lifestyle causes, two things that you can empower yourself to change.

When you are in a constant state of busyness your nervous system goes into overdrive and plays havoc with every other vital system of the body. This contributes to fatigue, anxiousness, mood swings, feelings of overwhelm and inability to make decisions and take decisive action.

Balance your busy day with periods of conscious respite. Take some self-care moments every few hours for just two minutes and check in with yourself. Scan your body. Where are you holding tension?

Breathe into those places and gently soften on the exhales. Are you gripping too tightly to a situation or work activity? Can you ease up a bit and find space for renewed focus and clarity?

Readjusting and realigning in your day allows you to stay on track and keep in your flow with more energy and vitality, to avoid overwhelm and burnout.

Essential Oils Brisbane

A great essential oil blend to diffuse in a burner or diffuser for 1/2 hour to help you loosen your grip a little and get back into flow:

2 drops of Basil; creates a greater sense of security, by bringing balance and clarity to the inner emotions as the need for control falls away. Basil is a wonderful reminder about the power of positive thinking. Learn to trust the guidance of your intuition.

2 drops of Peppermint; sustains the energy required to maintain an inner attention on your highest potential bringing balance and focus to your purpose. Are you loving what you do and doing what you love?

2 Drops of lemon; its enlivening effect helps to sharpen your progress, clear your head and pave way for rational thinking.

Use the breath and a mantra to keep you in the present moment. When you are overwhelmed with worry your energy and vitality leaks from you. In an open and spacious mind-set, your energy and vitality will increase and sustain you in your day.

Breathe in, affirm “I am in the present moment”, Breathe out, affirm “ My Thinking is clear and concise”

Taking just a few minutes every few hours to check-in with yourself and regroup with the breath and essential oils is an easy, very blissful way to recharge your energy and vitality for a productive successful day.

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Yours in Living Well,