Essential oils when used in appropriate dilutions and with care are powerful healing agents. Like any medicinal product that has the ability to heal they also can harm in certain circumstances. If you are using essential oils for improving he health and wellbeing of yourself or your family, it is vital that you have the facts from a qualified practitioner.

Aromatherapy is a safe, gentle and effective natural therapy for supporting the body’s eliminatory functions during your detox and its best to do this with the guidance of a certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

An aromatherapist can advise the essential oils that will best support your specific health and wellbeing issues. S/he will have an Aromatherapy Clinical consultation with you and work with you to develop a treatment plan which could include aromatherapy massage, detox bath blends and inhalation blends.

Brisbane Aromatherapy & Massage

Feeling distressed, neglected, isolated, inadequate or fragmented? Aromatherapy and essential oils can help.
When you get triggered by the stressors of life you need to raise your vibration, step into the essence of peace, love, self-nurture, worthiness and joy.
Diligently tend to your own garden rather than go into shame and blame.
Essential oils have very high vibrational frequencies which help elevate your mood, change the way you think and feel about challenging situations and help soothe your hurts.

Brisbane Essential Oils

Taking just a few minutes every few hours to check-in with yourself and regroup with the breath and essential oils is an easy, very blissful way to recharge your energy and vitality for a productive successful day.

Brisbane Aromatherapy and Massage

Take just twenty minutes soaking in a therapeutic essential oil bath to boost your energy and vitality.
Here’s how to choose your signature oils and make your personalised blend of essential oil magic.


If you want renewed energy to get you through your day, spend a few minutes now to complete the following easy 7 step Chakra balance with essential oils.
Do it for seven days in a row and you will be bounding towards the end of the financial year feeling resilient and vital. Go on Soul Sister, get your hippie on!